Lead-free quenching and tempering up to bis 5 mm thickness

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... lead-free quenching and tempering of steel strip.

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Join us reaching new dimensions due to proven top-quality. A new approach to lead-free quenching and tempering.

Unique selling point!

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The current standard for quenching and tempering of carbon steel strip and stainless chromium steel is to use either a lead-bismuth-based molten metal bath or hydrogen for quenching.

We have combined the advantages of these two technologies and developed a worldwide unique, lead-free quenching system for a wide range of sizes. This is our unique selling point.

This innovative technology has been used by Risse + Wilke for many years, especially for applications with highest demands on technological properties, microstructure, and shape tolerances, and has been continuously developed. With this lead-free process we achieve a 50% improvement in flatness compared to conventional lead bath quenching and can also lead-free quench and temper steel strip up to 5 mm thickness.

A new approach to quenching and tempering.

A new approach to proven technology!

New dimensions:

  • Extended range of dimensions and grades as well as > 3 mm thickness

Proven and extensively tested up to 5 mm

New applications (lead-free), e.g.:

in medical technology,

food industry and many others

Direct customer benefit:

possible cost advantages due to better quality

and reduced straightening operations

Continuous development

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